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Katie Petraitis


Katie Petraitis is an artist whose work always begins with one thing – an idea. 

She is driven by the promise of learning, and by the excitement of potential discoveries of new knowledge and new understanding. 

Yet learning is, in truth, useless unless it is somehow then utilised.

Katie therefore uses her practice to share her wonder of learning with others, and to explore what role art might play in the dissemination of knowledge.

Katie’s art takes many forms, from small handcrafted paper objects, to playful optical experiments, to multi-roomed exploratory installations.

Personal experiences are always more  interesting and engaging to us than simply viewing the thoughts of others.

So, whatever format the work takes, it 
frequently contains an interactive or participatory element. 

Through her art, Katie aims to give those who choose to engage with it with thought 
provoking and unique experiences, filled with new ideas and knowledge.

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