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Colin Stevens
The Barn,
Sleepy Lane,
Kings Newton,
DE73 8BU
01332 862166


Art Education

DeMonfort University, Leicester (Fine Art Management and Professional Practice)
Derby College of Art (Resident Artist)
University of Derby (Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art)
Mackworth College (Foundation Art and Design)
Derby College of Art (Typography)
A retired businessman, I began serious painting in 1989 and obtained a B.A Hons Degree in Fine Art at the University of Derby in 2003.
The elements of painting that interest me are colour contrast, texture, shape, line and atmosphere. Much of my work is involved with the changing faces of the industrial and domestic landscape, which for me holds its own fascination and mystery. My objective is to gain an understanding of painting as a form of expression and to identify an individual and personal style of work that helps me to satisfy my desire for creativity.
The use of acrylic paint and its quick drying properties enables me to paint rapidly work with impasto or glazes, and work broadly or finely during even the shortest painting session. I usually arrive at a paintings final surface texture by a constant process of over painting allowing undercoat colours to show through and contrast with the finished result. Not only does the contrast over-painting allow me to solve visual problems as I work, but it builds up a paint thickness and texture and through over-painting the already rich colours intensify greatly.

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