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Val Bradbury
284 Broadway
DE22 1BN      


My practice is inspired by childhood memories. 

My current work is based on my experience of being put into isolation for one month due to scarlet fever, a highly infectious and often fatal childhood disease in the pre antibiotic days of the early 1950’s. Using sculptural elements I hope to convey some of the vulnerability, loneliness and feelings of abandonment I felt at that time. However it is also intended that the work should be questioning and open to other interpretations by the viewer. 

I use acid corroded pewter because of its physical and evocative qualities. Its hard unyielding lead like nature alludes to feelings of constraint and entrapment. The artefacts are all personally significant but are also chosen to resonate with a wider audience. Clothes, in particular shoes, are always emotive and evoke both personal and collective memories. They bear an imprint of their owner and convey both an absence and a presence of that person. 

Over time the pewter weakens, conferring a delicacy and vulnerability to the artefacts. They have become the antithesis of what they should be. Once applied the acid continues to corrode referencing the continuing effects of such experiences.

My pewter artefacts are monuments to those experiences and lost childhood innocence. They highlight the transitory and sometimes fragile nature of childhood.

Originally I worked with mixed media. I intend to continue working with pewter but would like to introduce different materials into my practice.

I have recently graduated from Derby University with a BA in Fine Arts (First Class Honours) after a career teaching science.

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