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Richard Barwick's Profile

Richard Barwick
1 Bank View Road
Nether Heage
DE56 2AY
07925 521479


Following a career in mathematics and engineering, I have become fascinated by the essential form and structure of the physical world, through physics and mathematics certainly, but also through how it may be represented visually.  After an initial interest in drawing and painting, I have found sculpture to be the most effective and appropriate medium in which to develop and express this fascination.  Such work has been generally abstract and geometric in nature, inspired by the minimalist art of the late 20th century which lays bare the essentials of physical form, without the “comment” of craft, decoration or extrinsic meaning.

However, in the past two years, I have been invited to produce work within the National Trust’s estate at Ilam Park, Staffordshire. Using natural materials available on the site in a way that is sympathetic to the landscape has softened my work to some extent: current work is more spontaneous and organic in form. Recently, I have replaced hazel, the natural material used at Ilam, by bamboo.  This material combines a degree of regularity, rigidity and strength with a natural variation in thickness and colour.

The direction of my work therefore lies somewhere between the interventions into the natural landscape of the “Land Artists” and the austerity of the Minimalists. I hope to continue to produce work that will intrigue and charm the observer, representing a step in my continuing exploration of form and structure and its relationship to its environment through the medium of sculpture.

11 August 2013.

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