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Sue Barber
Pear Tree Farm,
Lea Bridge,
Nr Matlock,
Derbyshire. DE4 5JN
01629 534215


Oil painting is my preferred medium, it compliments and illuminates the work. 

I enjoy the feel of painting onto canvas and drawing with charcoal whether on A4 or 7 ft x 5 ft rolls of paper.  I gather information in black and white photography as well as sketches, working these up in the studio. I use an eraser to create effects together with distilled turpentine, compressed and willow charcoal. The large scale of the work is important and the use of black and white emphasizes the stark environmental situation.  

The choice of charcoal as a medium is particularly relevant, being the oldest of artists' material and the burnt remains of wood and therefore the product of stored energy, of light - “ancient sunlight”!.  
My processes remain centred around drawing.  Drawing enables a different dimension to be explored within the image, stripping down to bear essentials and presenting an opportunity to create subtle marks which can dip in and out of the “surface” creating a sense of light, movement and atmosphere.
I work outdoors directly from nature and in the studio.  My working methods create a “push-pull” relationship between mark making and constantly searching for the right image. 

The work of contemporary artists Nicola Nicks, Michael Porter and Hugh O’Donaghue are influential for their textures, concepts, form, processes and techniques.
Quote from Rodin: Show me a shape from nature and I will show you something worth painting!

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