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Barbara Smith
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Barbara did mostly screenprinting at college, 
then did textile art  and  studied all forms of Chinese painting and  watercolour. 
In recent work she works up images on the ipad, 
then makes  a photographic screen to print the image. 
Images from sketches and paintings are often a starting point. She explores  overprints of colour and texture.


My artistic journey started when I did a four year degree course in art and education, specialising in 
screen printing and lino relief prints.I continued screen printing at Goldsmith's textile studio, then 
got interested in embroidery and successfully completed city and guilds in creative embroidery and 
design to advanced level at London College of Fashion. After many years exhibiting textile art in 
mixed exhibitions at London galleries I was introduced to Chinese painting at one of a few courses 
in the V &A museum. 
I studied all styles of Chinese painting in great depth with Cia Xiaoli.At the same time I was 
learning and developing my English watercolour. For some years I only painted still life in 
watercolour, flowers were only done in Chinese free brush and later more detailed gongbi style so 
that I learnt Chinese composition. A three week study tour of China with Xiaoli and Wang Jianan 
helped me understand it more as I saw the plum blossom, the monochromatic atmospheric 
landscape on the western lake. We had painting classes at both Xian and Bejing central academy. 
After moving to Derby I frequently went back to London learning how to draw, compose and paint 
detailed flower paintings on silk. Another 1-2 year in depth course taught me all about Chinese 
landscape. After copying Sung and Ming dynasty styles we were shown how to look at English 
Landscape, sketching and later painting in an Oriental style of composition and ink work with 
watercolour washes. 
I had 3 solo exhibitions at Gallery 93 Belper rd before it closed and have had work accepted at 
Leicester, Derby, Derbyshire open exhibitions, I also had work in mixed art group exhibitions at 
Duffield gallery, The Beetroot Tree Gallery etc. 
I currently hold a annual joint exhibition of watercolours at Arkwright's mill Cromford Gallery 
I have only recently come back to printing when I joined Green Door Printmaking Studio, I am 
doing etching and collographs for the first time and like the mixture of drawing and tonal effects.I 
love drawing , having done alot of life drawing and landscape sketching. I have always loved 
photography and like the idea of using digital imagery in my prints. 
I am enjoying being part of an artistic community at Green Door Printmaking Studio and enjoy 
seeing what others are doing in their art work. 
I use my digital painting on the i pad to develop ideas am planning to do more acrylic mixed media 
paintings . I'm interested in the semi abstract qualities of landscape as seen in estuaries, 
seascapes and waterfalls. 
In my Chinese paintings I want to develop various textural techniques and free brushwork 
sometimes using mono-printing as a background to work on. I am using images from my Chinese 
paintings as a starting point for some photopolymer landscape etchings. 
I love screen printing and am planning a series of A3 flower prints again using my Chinese free 
and fine brush flower paintings and composition drawings as a starting point. I like doing unique 
prints painting different colour effects onto the flowers before running the paint through the screen 
as well as doing a few limited editions. 
I also like exploring the effects of free overprinting of a flower shape and petals to make

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