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Michelle Neale


I studied on the Masters Adapt course at the University of Derby practicing Fine Art. My interests are based on perceptions of the human body when referring to its physical make-up. I used a variety of media including drawing and intaglio print to explore formulated ideals found within society and its mass media to question the effects this can have on an individuals’ self-image. 

The work questions our use of naming, referencing or addressing of an individual based on their physical appearance. By looking at images of hypothetical body perfection found within the media realm I consider how images could impact individual’s thoughts and alter ways of thinking. I want capture what is not conveyed in the media to enable a fuller picture of our physical makeup and to allow the individual to appreciate the bodies we walk in and walk alongside. 

In my recent work, I have fine-tuned my imagery by expressing myself with a certain subtlety to contrast to the loud, intrusive nature found within the Mass Media. I find my choice of subtle medium overrides the bellow of The Medias ‘guide to life,’ and so fitting with my mass media concerns. 

Drawing is a preferred medium as it exercises in observation. These observations simultaneously observe and explore my own understanding of preconceived body ideals by how I choose to represent the object through medium application. This method allows the viewer to formulate his or her own interpretation of the preconceived perceptions found within the mass media realm. 

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